Fix error in trackers by ID query
Prohibit trackers named . or ..
API: Fix Flask 2.0.x incompatible blueprint names
emails: fix issues outside of app context
Fix extraneous "None" in ticket_comment email
API: Cursor items are non-nullable
Replace pystache with string.Template
API: clarify schema license
Identify JavaScript as AGPL-3.0-only for LibreJS

This commit introduces LibreJS compatible `@license' blocks as per

The magnet URI can be opened in a BitTorrent client to retrieve a copy
of the GNU AGPL 3.0 license. Section from the above link has
a list of magnet URIs for various free software licenses.
API: trackers: fix cursor
Specify color for label link inside event

This unoverride the link color set for .event a:not(.btn),
which I couldn't find where it's defined.  AFAIK, affected pages
include specific tickets and users' overview.
.builds/alpine: restart API
API: fix ACL field for trackerByName
Fix use of relative URLs in "closed tickets" links
todosrht-lmtp: fix error reason selection
API: update core-go
api: fix SupersededBy
API: Add email queue
GraphQL: update example query
Import GQL blueprint from srht