.builds/alpine: restart API
API: fix ACL field for trackerByName
Fix use of relative URLs in "closed tickets" links
todosrht-lmtp: fix error reason selection
API: update core-go
api: fix SupersededBy
API: Add email queue
GraphQL: update example query
Import GQL blueprint from srht
Fix error in setup.py
Add Python riggings for GraphQL API
API: correct SQL query parameters in tracker fetch
API: typo fix
API: lock down some transitive resovlers
Only care about the mail handler's sock-group when using LMTP

The "not None" logic was copied from listssrht:
API: rig up tracker { acl }
API: more ACL riggings
API: basic ACL riggings
API: rig up tracker { subscription }
API: implement ticket { subscription }