Tool to populate SourceHut databases with test data
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A tool which generates fake data for SourceHut.


go run cmd/srht-fakedb/main.go [options...] <service>

Where "service" is "git.sr.ht", "meta.sr.ht", etc.

Options include -e to set the email suffix (default: @example.org), which is useful for creating accounts whose emails lead to your catch-all domain.

Also useful is -u, to specify your own test account username, which enables some extra data generation options specific to the tester's account.


Generates the following user accounts:

  • jim, jane: the standard test accounts. Non-paying users.
  • unpaid: a non-paying user
  • paid: a paying user
  • free: a free user
  • admin: an admin
  • banned: a suspended user
  • pgp: a user with a PGP key (see meta/data/*.pgp)
  • totp: a user with TOTP enabled (see meta/data/totp-*)
  • 32 additional random usernames


Creates test repositories for jim and jane, and the test user if configured.

  • scdoc: small repo
  • linux: large repo
  • unlisted: an unlisted repo
  • private: a private repo

If a test user is configured, an ACL will be added granting you read-only access to ~jim/private and read/write access to ~jane/private.