git.sr.ht: upgrade to latest version and add the API service
Don't use "Unknown Packager" for the official built packages.

Instead, use the identity of the gpg key being used to sign them.
hub.sr.ht: new package
builds.sr.ht: upgrade to 0.56.8
builds.sr.ht: limit install script to main package

Previously the post-install script was included in the main package but
also in the -images and -worker subpackages.
Add missing dep to python-minio PKGBUILD
builds: add database migration
git.sr.ht: add python-minio dependency
python-minio: new package
python-srht: Add python-html5lib as dependency
Add missing webhook services
Modify buidsrht and gitsrht user

Use bash indstead of nologin shell for correct ssh access.
Set homedir for gitsrht user.
lists.sr.ht: add python-emailthreads as dependency
python-srht: remove nodejs runtime dependency

nodejs is only needed during build time and it will already be installed
as a dependency of npm.

Additionally add git makedepend (for the bootstrap sources), fix a
space/tab issue & update pkgver+checksum to latest.
Drop flask-login
python-stripe: upgrade to 2.40.0
Drop python-unidiff
git.sr.ht: update to Go version of update-hook
python-scmsrht: update PKGBUILD