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#title: pages.sr.ht API reference

The pages.sr.ht API is a convenience wrapper around the GraphQL API and allows one to easily publish a site with tools like curl.

#API endpoints

The following endpoints are available to users with an OAuth2 token valid for the specified scope.

#POST /publish/:domain

Scopes: PAGES:RW

Publish a site.

The request body must use the multipart/form-data content type. The following fields are supported:

  • content (required): a .tar.gz file containing the new site content.
  • protocol: select which protocol variant of the site to update. If unset, defaults to HTTPS.

A sub-directory can be appended to the URL (e.g. /publish/example.org/subdir) in which case only the specified sub-directory is updated. The rest of the files are left unchanged.

The response contains the new site version as plain-text.