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#title: dispatch.sr.ht Configuration

This document covers the configuration process for dispatch.sr.ht.

Each dispatch.sr.ht provider is optional, you may skip the integrations you do not need.



To set up OAuth for GitHub:

  1. Register under GitHub OAuth Apps. For the Authorization callback URL use the URL of your service instance with /github/callback appended (e.g., https://dispatch.sr.ht/github/callback).
  2. Place the Client ID and Client Secret provided by GitHub into your config.ini in the [dispatch.sr.ht::github] section.


To set up OAuth for GitLab:

  1. Register under GitLab Applications. For the scopes required, select "api". For the callback, specify the URL of your service with /gitlab/callback/<gitlab instance> appended (e.g. https://dispatch.sr.ht/gitlab/callback/gitlab.com).

  2. Add the instance to your config.ini under [dispatch.sr.ht::gitlab] as a single option, whose key is the FQDN of the GitLab instance in question, and whose value is the instance name, "Application ID" and "Secret", separated by a colon. For example,

    # ...
    gitlab.com=GitLab:application id...:secret...
    gitlab.freedesktop.org=gitlab.freedesktop.org:application id...:secret...

    Repeat this process for any additional instances you wish to support.