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#title: builds.sr.ht Installation

This document covers the installation steps for builds.sr.ht, a continuous integration service.

builds.sr.ht is comprised of two components: a master server and job runners. Typically, deployments have one master and many runners, which are distributed across multiple servers.

Note: For smaller deployments, job runners can be installed alongside the master server, but not without risk.


On the master server, install the builds.sr.ht package.

On each server hosting a job runner, install the builds.sr.ht-worker and builds.sr.ht-images packages.


  • builds.sr.ht — The web service (master server).
  • builds.sr.ht-worker — The job runner.


See Configuration.


To safely reboot a worker without dropping any running jobs, SIGINT the process and it will stop accepting new work and terminate once all existing jobs are completed.