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#builds.sr.ht image maintenance

Thank you for volunteering to maintain a builds.sr.ht image! Here are some tips on how to do it well. Your responsibilities are:

  1. Adding new build images as the upstream vendor provides updates
  2. Deprecating old build images as they fall out of upstream support
  3. Maintaining the builds.sr.ht integration and docs for this image
  4. First-line support for user issues for this build image

#Adding new images

To add a new version, you should submit a patch to sr.ht-dev which updates the images/ directory accordingly, updating any aliases (symlinks) if appropriate. You should also update contrib/crontab to set the rebuild schedule for your image.

Also prepare a patch for sr.ht-docs's builds.sr.ht/compatibility.md page.

If possible, please also submit a tweaked version of images/<your image>/build.yml which demonstrates a successful build of your updated image. Include a link to this build log in the "timely commentary" of your patch to sr.ht-dev.

If you're adding a brand-new image, rather than a new version for an existing vendor, also include detailed instructions on how we can bootstrap your images from scratch. For example, this may be instructions on how to set up a local virtual machine based on the vendor OS, then instructions on how to build the initial image in this environment.

#Removing deprecated images

When an image is deprecated upstream, we remove it from our supported images. This is a three step process:

  1. Remove the image from sr.ht-docs:builds.sr.ht/compatibility.md
  2. Notify users who have used the image in the past 30 days and give them a two week grace period to update their builds
  3. Remove the image from builds.sr.ht:images/<vendor> and update contrib/crontab

Please prepare a patch for sr.ht-docs and a patch for builds.sr.ht and send them to sr.ht-dev at the same time; we will handle notifying users and wait two weeks between applying each patch. Please also include a summary of any important changes that users should be aware of when upgrading to the latest version.

If upstream releases a new version at the same time that they deprecate an old version, please prepare separate patches for builds.sr.ht for removing the old and adding the new.