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#title: todo.sr.ht docs

todo.sr.ht is an issue tracker that can be used for your projects.

#Getting started

New trackers can be created on the create page which can be accessed from the dashboard. Here you can give it a name and a description. You can also optionally configure your tracker by either clicking on "Create & configure" or by going to the settings tab at the top.

New tickets can be created using the form on the left. Existing tickets are shown on the right where you can optionally search using the search form at the top.

#Search filters

todo.sr.ht supports a few basic filters when searching for tickets. These include:

  • status:open or status:closed
  • label: an optional label that is assigned to a ticket for organizational purposes
  • order: the order in which tickets are displayed. By default this is by time of last update
  • submitter: the user who submitted the ticket. Use me to find tickets submitted by yourself
  • assigned: tickets that are assigned to a particular user
  • no:assignee: tickets not assigned to anyone
  • no:label: tickets with no labels


Each ticket has its own page and number. On the ticket page, you can comment on the ticket (if you have commenting access). If you are the tracker owner or the ticket submitter, you can also mark the ticket as resolved as well.


You can mention other users and tickets in the body of the ticket as well as in the comments. This will create a link to the user/ticket mentioned as well as notify those involved.

  • To mention a user, use ~user
  • To mention a ticket, use ~user/tracker#123
    • Tickets in a tracker owned by the same user can be mentioned with tracker#123
    • Tickets in the same tracker can be simply mentioned with #123

Replace user, tracker, and 123 with the actual tracker owner, tracker name, and ticket number respectively.


If you are the tracker owner, you can perform some customizations to your tracker.


Here you can edit the description for your tracker. At this time, the tracker name cannot be changed.


Here you can control access to the tracker. This allows you to set different access settings for anonymous users, logged in users, and ticket submitters.


You can delete your tracker here. Be careful as all tickets submitted to the tracker are deleted as well.

#Email access

Users can submit new tickets with their registered email address by sending them to ~username/tracker-name@todo.sr.ht, or u.username.tracker-name@todo.sr.ht for poorly behaved MTAs.

Users can also add comments to tickets by writing to ~username/tracker-name/ticket-id@todo.sr.ht, or by replying to the notification email. The last line of your email can be one of the following commands:

  • !resolve <resolution>: closes the ticket with the given ticket resolution (one of fixed, implemented, wont_fix, by_design, invalid, duplicate, or not_our_bug)
  • !reopen to re-open a closed ticket

All emails must be sent as text/plain. Please take care not to top post, as the full contents of your email will be posted as a comment.

Markdown is supported.