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A build manifest is a YAML file that describes how to perform a build. Here's an example:

image: archlinux
  - cmake
  - wlc-git
  - xorg-server-xwayland
  - xcb-util-image
  - json-c
  - pango
  - cairo
  - wayland
  - gdk-pixbuf2
  - asciidoc
  - https://github.com/SirCmpwn/sway
  - setup: |
      cd sway
      mkdir build
      cd build
      cmake ..
  - build: |
      cd sway
      cd build

The minimum build manifest has an image and at least one task. The various properties available are described here:



Which OS image to build in. A list of available build images can be found on the compatibility page.


list (of string)

A list of packages to install on the image. For image-specific details, consult the compatibility list


dictionary (of string: string)

A list of extra repositories to enable with the image's package manager. The specific format varies by base image, consult the compatibility page for details.


list (of string)

A list of git repositories to clone into the home directory of the build user in the build environment.


list (of string)

A list of scripts to execute in the build environment. These scripts are run with the following preamble:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
. ~/.buildenv
set -x
set -e

~/.buildenv contains environment variables specified by the environment directive.

Task names must use only lowercase alphanumeric characters or underscores and must be <=128 characters in length. Tasks are executed in the order specified.

Each task is run in a separate login session, so if you modify the groups of the build user they will be effective starting from the subsequent task.


list (of trigger)

A list of triggers to execute post-build, which can be used to send emails or do other post-build tasks.

See also: Build triggers


dictionary (of string: string OR string: list)

A list of key/value pairs for options to set in the build environment via ~/.buildenv.


list (of string)

List of secret UUIDs to be added to the guest during the build. See also: secrets.