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#Using the chat.sr.ht bouncer

For full details, refer to the soju(1) man page. Information about common use-cases is provided here.

#Connecting with a third-party IRC client

To connect with a third-party IRC client, you will need to generate an OAuth 2.0 personal access token to use as your server password. Visit the personal access token issuance page and generate a token.

your sourcehut username
your personal access token

If you intend to use multiple clients, it is recommended that you append "@clientname" to your username, using an arbitrary unique string to identify each client. If your IRC client does not support soju's "soju.im/bouncer-networks" extension (check if a plugin is available), you may want to configure separate connections for each network by using the username format username/network-name@client-name.

See client-specific configuration for recommended configuration steps specific to your preferred IRC client.

#Managing your IRC networks

The webchat at chat.sr.ht provides a UI for managing your bouncer networks. Third-party clients with soju support may detect the bouncer and offer similar functionality. If not, you can also message BouncerServ to configure soju. Use /msg BouncerServ help for a full list of supported commands.

To add a new IRC network via BouncerServ:

/msg BouncerServ network create -addr <hostname> [options...]

See soju(1) for details on the supported options.

#Detaching from channels

You can instruct the bouncer to "detach" from a channel. This causes it to be hidden from your channel list, but to leave your connection to the channel active. If you're mentioned by a user in this channel, you will receive notifications for it, and if you re-join later, you will be able to view logs of discussions which took place in your absence.

To detach from a channel, use the /part detach command, or /msg BouncerServ channel update <name> -detached=<true|false>.

#Client-specific configuration

Various configuration recommendations for third-party IRC clients are documented here: contrib/clients.md.