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#title: Hacking on SourceHut toc: false

For developers interested in hacking on SourceHut, an expedited installation procedure is available. The bare minimum is a PostgreSQL database and a Redis server, and you can generally skip the webhooks daemons unless you need them. It is recommended that you still use our distribution packages to obtain the dependencies, though.

If you don't intend to work on core.sr.ht, install the package to skip this step. If you don't intend to work on meta.sr.ht, it may be easier to install the package and configure it normally on localhost than to try and get it up and running from source.

You can also usually get away without configuring the outgoing mail settings, but you may still have to generate a PGP key to get things started up. You can also skip the reverse proxy and use our development servers via python3 run.py.

#Sending patches

We use git send-email and discuss patches (and other development topics) on the sr.ht-dev list. Please send your patches and development questions there.