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#title: Getting support

Here's where to find support resources for sr.ht.

#Asking the community

A great place to ask for general questions with using sr.ht, starting discussions about your ideas and feature requests, and generally getting to know the sr.ht community is the sr.ht-discuss mailing list. You can post here by writing an email to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss@lists.sr.ht. Please review the mailing list etiquette guide first! Be sure to search through the archives, as your question may have been asked before.

#Asking the admins

You can reach Drew DeVault, the maintainer of sr.ht and your friendly neighborhood sysadmin, by sending an email to sir@cmpwn.com. Feel free to email him for any reason, but this is your best bet with account-related problems, billing issues, and similar woes.

#Real time chat

Both community members and admins hang out at #sr.ht on irc.freenode.net, where you're welcome to ask questions and have discussions in a more free-form, real-time context. There's not always someone paying attention here, so be prepared to wait or follow-up with an email if necessary.

Normally, support is provided at the best effort of the sysadmins, which may be impacted by time and resource constraints. However, paid support options are available for organizations and businesses hoping to get to the front of the queue. For details, send me an email.

#Submitting bug reports

Each service of sr.ht has a dedicated bug tracker:

There is also a general-purpose bug tracker for issues that fit nowhere else, or that you're unsure of the appropriate place to report your bug:

#Security vulnerabilities

Please send an email to sir@cmpwn.com, optionally using the public key 7BC79407090047CA. Please do not discuss security vulnerabilities in public until a fix has been developed and deployed.