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This is the main project hub for SourceHut itself. To browse our source code, see the "sources" tab at the nav along the top of the page.

#Getting started with SourceHut

For tutorials and documentation, see man.sr.ht. Once you've created an account, you can move quickly between each service using the nav across the top of the page.

#Deploying SourceHut yourself

To install SourceHut on your own hardware, see man.sr.ht/installation.md

#Getting help

Support is available via the sr.ht-discuss mailing list, on IRC at #sr.ht on irc.freenode.net, or by emailing the admin (sir@cmpwn.com) directly — the latter is usually best for account or billing issues.

#Contributing to SourceHut

We welcome third-party patches. If you have any changes you'd like to make to SourceHut, please send a patch to the sr.ht-dev mailing list. Feel free to start discussions about development here as well, if your change requires some thought before writing the code.