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#title: Markdown on sourcehut

Across the site, sr.ht uses mistletoe for rendering Markdown. It implements CommonMark, which is much more well-defined than the original Markdown specification.

Additionally, some extensions to CommonMark are used.

  • Plain link URLs (of the form <scheme>://<path>) and plain e-mail addresses (of the form <name>@<domain>) can be used, and they will be turned into the appropriate links (for e-mail addresses, this prepends mailto:).


Rendered HTML is post-processed so that it only consists the following tags and attributes (in the format tags...: attributes...)

  • a: href, title
  • abbr: title
  • acronym: title
  • b
  • blockquote
  • code
  • dd
  • div
  • dl
  • dt
  • em
  • h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6: id
  • i
  • img: alt, height, width, src (only HTTP/HTTPS/local URLs)
  • input: type=checkbox, checked, disabled
  • li
  • ol
  • p
  • pre
  • q
  • span
  • strong
  • table
  • tbody
  • td
  • th
  • thead
  • tr
  • ul

All tags can have the attributes class, style, colspan and rowspan. The only allowed classes are row, col-md-*, and form-control.

Here are valid style attributes:

  • margin
  • padding
  • text-align
  • font-weight
  • text-decoration
  • padding-{left,right,bottom,top}
  • margin-{left,right,bottom,top}