meta.sr.ht: Fix documentation links in api.md
Update git.sr.ht with branch renaming instructions
Update hg.sr.ht IP address & allocation
meta.sr.ht: update following -createuser rename
Update hg.sr.ht migration plan
Update hg.sr.ht migration plan
Add new sysadmin lecture
Update hg.sr.ht migration plan
062fec35 — Bitbake Tester a month ago
hg.sr.ht migration: add note about pg_hba
todo.sr.ht: document the new ~u/n{,/0}/{,un}subscribe addresses
todo.sr.ht: narrow down who can submit what over e-mail
14fde22c — Bitbake Tester a month ago
Add hg.sr.ht migration plan
541571fb — Bitbake Tester a month ago
Update topology.md
13f006c0 — Bitbake Tester a month ago
ops: update topology.md
Update compatibility.md for Ubuntu
lists.sr.ht: document patchset tools API
Update build triggers reference
Clarify Alpine dependencies
Update alpine mirror link from 3.11 to 3.12

Individual packages are outdated on the 3.11 branch
Fix OAuth documentation link
Update markdown documentation

The recent misaka->mistletoe shift left the markdown documentation in
need of an update, so here it is.