Fix scopes list and webhook description
Alpine linux, installing signing key
Additional location for fcgiwrap socket file

Adding an additional possible location for the fcgiwrap socket file.
Documentation clarification for private repos. The SSH key cannot use a passphrase. Cloning will fail since the passphrase won't be available to the builder. See ssh-keygen -p for adding/removing passphrase to existing SSH keys.
Update debian source URL
Update packages.md
2add0233 — Matías Lang a month ago
Remove builds.sr.ht ACL docs

The ACL feature to restrict read/write access to jobs is not implemented
yet. Remove the docs of it to prevent users assuming their job is
private when it's actually public.
installation.md: minor tweaks
Add hacking.md
Overhaul installation documentation
ef4f23fa — Štěpán Němec 2 months ago
Fix some typos
Update ops/monitoring.md
Update status of Alpine repos
Update ops/topology.md
Fix links on builds.sr.ht man page

Previously two mailing list links did not have targets and were broken,
this patch fixes them to point to the correct mailing list.

Signed-off-by: Sam Whited <sam@samwhited.com>
git.sr.ht: fix POST endpoint for artifacts with username
Drop FreeBSD-current from compatibility matrix

Word from FreeBSD upstream is that this release channel isn't
well-suited to CI.
builds: improve documentation of artifact upload
ops/monitoring.md: add link to alerts config
ops/monitoring.md: correct date of scheduled maintenance