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Update send-email guide
ab4b6951 — Francis Dinh 2 years ago
Move git send-email install instructions under "For contributors"

Makes more sense to have it closer to the top.
60aba6bc — Francis Dinh 2 years ago
git.sr.ht/send-email.md: Fixup send-email package table formatting
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git.sr.ht/send-email.md: Fix typo with "command line argment"
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Fix git send-email package table formatting
Add --in-reply-to to send-email guide
Add send-email package names for various OS/packagers

Lukas Werling <lukas@lwrl.de> for the Fedora package name.

Richard Bradfield <bradfier@fstab.me> for wording.

freenode/#sr.ht Defolos for some package names.

freenode/#sr.ht benharri for Windows.

freenode/#sr.ht z3ntu for case fixes on OS names.
Simplify request-pull docs per Stephen's comments
Update request-pull guide
Add a section on using request-pull
Add note about emailing Drew test patches
Further clarifications and corrections to rev spec
Mention more ways of specifying commit ranges
Update send-email guide
Do not copy+paste
Add Hydroxide to send-email doc
Fix some typos in send-email.md
Add send-email guide