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git.sr.ht: document {GET,PUT,DELETE} /api/repos/:name/readme, mention it in the FAQ

Ref: ~sircmpwn/git.sr.ht#205
git.sr.ht: Document description/visibility push options
Update git.sr.ht with branch renaming instructions
git.sr.ht: remove annotations
git.sr.ht: simplify explanation of push -o debug
git.sr.ht: simplify docs

It's not necessary to document the web UI in exhaustive detail.
git.sr.ht: document push options
Improve git.sr.ht artifacts docs
Add docs for attaching binaries to tags
Remove obsolete warning from git.sr.ht docs
Add annotations docs
Add git.sr.ht API docs
Add YAMl frontmatter to all pages
Update SSH host keys
Spelling and structural changes for Git documentation.

Fixed some minor spelling mistakes in the index of the Git documentation, and fixed what appears to be an incorrect heading level.
Fix error in git.sr.ht/index.md
Add git.sr.ht host key to docs
Improve visibility of send-email guide
Add send-email guide
Add git resources to git.sr.ht manual