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Link GraphQL schemes

This patch adds links to the GraphQL schemes in the Git repositories to
the graphql.md pages for {git,meta,todo}.sr.ht.  The playground also
contains the schemes, but it is only available for logged-in users.
And the source file makes it easier to jump to specific locations, to
share links and to track changes.
Add initial GraphQL documentation
Add API configuration to installation docs
Add configuration links to all installation pages
Ditch configuration_reference pages

These are superfluous
Update meta.sr.ht installation/config pages
Complete OAuth 2.0 documentation
Document authorization code size
oauth.md: update page title
Initial OAuth 2.0 documentation
Fix metasrht-manageuser docs
Add hyphen in "two-factor authentication"
meta.sr.ht: Fix documentation links in api.md
meta.sr.ht: update following -createuser rename
Fixed supposedly invalid OAuth2 scope for profile

Signed-off-by: Diane <diane@artemix.org>
all: fix broken relative links
meta.sr.ht: fix link to OAuth flow
user-api.md: correct required scope for PUT keys
Overhaul installation documentation