Make yaml spacing consistence in documentation for build manifests.
Complete OAuth 2.0 documentation
Document authorization code size
oauth.md: update page title
Initial OAuth 2.0 documentation
scale.md: set min Y to 0
Don't stack git.sr.ht graph
Fix title of git.sr.ht graph
Add git.sr.ht disk utilization graph
scale.md: add chart
Add link to approximate build worker usage
Update ops/scale.md
Update scale.md
Update scale.md
Add ops/scale.md
Add acceptable usage limits for git.sr.ht
Improve tags docs
Add initial docs for hub.sr.ht
Clarify how to make push options persist
git.sr.ht: document -osubmit pattern overriding

Ref: ~sircmpwn/git.sr.ht#316