ref: 1030deba380011652cece7a9cd49b893e0eddf9a sr.ht-docs/tutorials d---------
s/hyphen/em dash/g
Update example manifests for pages.sr.ht
Fix example command on how to setup a repository

This patch fixes an inconsistency on the tutorial that might confuse new

The explanation on how to setup a repository refers to changing the
string 'username' in the git remote command. The example command however
displays the username 'rvoid', apparantly the original author of the
Fix another broken tutorial link
Fix additional tutorial link
Correct additional links
Fix link at the end of the GitHub tutorial
05f91f16 — Steven Guikal 10 months ago
Fix broken yaml highlighting
Correct FreeBSD image alias

Signed-off-by: A Mak <refragable@mailbox.org>
Fix getting started link at set up account tutorial page.
Fix a typo in the build secrets tutorial: s/every/ever/
Add links to git tutorials
specify a version for freebsd
Fix other resources for hg.sr.ht
Remove headers from git/hg tutorials
Remove extraenous headers
Add mercurial tutorial
Add YAMl frontmatter to all pages
Add frontmatter to all pages