ref: 07eeaf7c5fa479c31637b125138f7ca6b7788e8c sr.ht-docs/lists.sr.ht d---------
Document X-Sourcehut-Patchset-Update email header
lists: api: Fix some errors
Fix broken "subscription-resource" links

Apologies for my mistaken previous patch -- this should be on the
correct service.

Add configuration links to all installation pages
Ditch configuration_reference pages

These are superfluous
Update lists.sr.ht installation/config pages
lists.sr.ht: document patchset tools API
Document list deletion via API
Fix typo in mailing etiquette title
all: fix broken relative links
Overhaul installation documentation
Small typo in lists.sr.ht

Subscribing with user/list-name+subscribe does not work for me, but
~user/list-name+subscribe does, so I think this may be a typo.
link to useplaintext.email in lists etiquette
Fix PUT request documentation for lists.sr.ht
Update etiquette.md
Add patchsets to lists.sr.ht API docs
Fix user endpoint anchors in lists.sr.ht API docs
Fix user GET endpoint path in lists.sr.ht API docs

The user endpoint needs a "user" part, i.e. /api/user/<foo> rather than
just /api/<foo>. This fixes that endpoint's section header and the later
references to it.
Remove extraenous headers
Add YAMl frontmatter to all pages