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Add "For contributors" heading to git-send-email page.

When first reading this page, I was confused because the text and the
link were split by the TOC and got lost in the noise. This should
improve the situation.

This is my first contribution with git-send-email: I hope it's
8603ef76 — Robert Vollmert 2 years ago
send-email: Fix broken git doc links.
Add YAMl frontmatter to all pages
Update send-email guide
ab4b6951 — Francis Dinh 2 years ago
Move git send-email install instructions under "For contributors"

Makes more sense to have it closer to the top.
60aba6bc — Francis Dinh 2 years ago
git.sr.ht/send-email.md: Fixup send-email package table formatting
8f83c392 — Francis Dinh 2 years ago
git.sr.ht/send-email.md: Fix typo with "command line argment"
cc43f525 — Francis Dinh 2 years ago
Fix git send-email package table formatting
Add --in-reply-to to send-email guide
Add send-email package names for various OS/packagers

Lukas Werling <lukas@lwrl.de> for the Fedora package name.

Richard Bradfield <bradfier@fstab.me> for wording.

freenode/#sr.ht Defolos for some package names.

freenode/#sr.ht benharri for Windows.

freenode/#sr.ht z3ntu for case fixes on OS names.
Simplify request-pull docs per Stephen's comments
Update request-pull guide
Add a section on using request-pull
Add note about emailing Drew test patches
Further clarifications and corrections to rev spec
Mention more ways of specifying commit ranges
Update send-email guide
Do not copy+paste
Add Hydroxide to send-email doc
Fix some typos in send-email.md