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Add API configuration to installation docs
Add configuration links to all installation pages
Update git.sr.ht installation/config pages
Add note about locking down S3 access
Additional location for fcgiwrap socket file

Adding an additional possible location for the fcgiwrap socket file.
Overhaul installation documentation
git.sr.ht: update recommended nginx configuration

The previous version would match any URL ending in HEAD et al, which
would cause web breakage if your repo had any files named HEAD.
git.sr.ht/installation.md: update for new shell
e6f6aab1 — Éloi Rivard 2 years ago
Instructions to build gitsrht-dispatch

Some instructions to help people totally unfamiliar with go (like me).
Maybe the real good solution would be that setup.py build (and install)
Fix old references to git-srht-* binaries
Update git.sr.ht/installation.md
Add more info about fcgiwrap
Update git.sr.ht nginx config
Add YAMl frontmatter to all pages
Use fenced code blocks where applicable.
Mention /authorize in git.sr.ht installation docs
Fix incorrect setting name for `sshd_config` setup.
Add docs for HTTP(s) clone
Remove cgit instructions from git.sr.ht install
Add note about highlighting for cgit