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git.sr.ht: update git send-email note
git.sr.ht: add detailed send-email web instructions
todo.sr.ht: add GraphQL docs
Add instructions for removing custom README
git.sr.ht: correct jq command for custom readme
git.sr.ht: fix typo in readme query
Add explanation of what's going on in README command
Update git.sr.ht custom README to API 2.0
Add acceptable usage limits for git.sr.ht
Clarify how to make push options persist
git.sr.ht: document -osubmit pattern overriding

Ref: ~sircmpwn/git.sr.ht#316
Spec curl --data-binary to not mangle the uploaded README and link to example repo

curl mangles the upload (stripping newlines, probably something else)
with just --data
git.sr.ht: document {GET,PUT,DELETE} /api/repos/:name/readme, mention it in the FAQ

Ref: ~sircmpwn/git.sr.ht#205
git.sr.ht: Document description/visibility push options
Update git.sr.ht with branch renaming instructions
git.sr.ht: remove annotations
git.sr.ht: simplify explanation of push -o debug
git.sr.ht: simplify docs

It's not necessary to document the web UI in exhaustive detail.
git.sr.ht: document push options
Improve git.sr.ht artifacts docs