f721e011 — Denis Laxalde 5 days ago master
Suggest usage of --obsolete option for "hg import"
eec2799d — Denis Laxalde 5 days ago
Fix a typo in hg email doc
Document Debian repository
compatibility.md: fix fedora/latest
Document SSH access to builds.sr.ht
Update terms.md to clarify tl;dr
builds.sr.ht/manifest.md: add newline
Fix index page per new base font size
Remove man.sr.ht SSH host keys
Add link to Github docs to dispatch.sr.ht index
Update dispatch.sr.ht/github.md
fixes the link to the paste installation docs
mention rebase extension on email docs.
Small typo in lists.sr.ht

Subscribing with user/list-name+subscribe does not work for me, but
~user/list-name+subscribe does, so I think this may be a typo.
Improve index.html on mobile views
man.sr.ht: document `toc` property in frontmatter
Update main wiki per man.sr.ht redesign
Remove outdated info about doubly-quoted strings
Fix typo in OpenBSD arch list

The OpenBSD arch is actually octeon, not octegon:
 - https://www.openbsd.org/octeon.html
Improve OpenBSD compatibility list