builds.sr.ht/compatibility: update to OpenBSD 7.5, drop 7.3

Use OpenBSD 7.5 as the newest image, use 7.4 as the old image and
remove references to 7.3 as per the support policy.
index: fix incorrect caption for srht.sites
d202d3b7 — Robert Munyer a month ago
Clarify the pattern for adding YAML metadata to a man.sr.ht page.

Specifically: there is no octothorpe before the YAML,
and there is an empty line after the second "---".
builds.sr.ht: improve docs for hub integration

* The subject prefix needs to be set to the project name
* Changes to the build manifest are ignored by the hub integration
builds.sr.ht/compatibility: update to OpenBSD 7.4, drop 7.2

OpenBSD 7.4 was recently added to builds.sr.ht. Add it to the
documentation and remove 7.2 as per the support policy.
installation.md: Replace "redis" with "redict"

"redis" is no longer a free software, Replace it with "redict" which is free software.

Signed-off-by: Mobin Aydinfar <mobin@mobintestserver.ir>
update alpine mirror from v3.17 to v3.19
packages: drop unofficial repos
Update support.md
support: update security vulnerability report email
builds.sr.ht#compatibility: update NixOS versions

adds 23.11, bumps 23.05 down, removes 22.11

References: https://lists.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/sr.ht-dev/%3C20231126202419.1490071-1-fgaz%40fgaz.me%3E
builds.sr.ht/compatibility: drop FreeBSD 12.x
ops: add recent outage to incident list
ops/tls.md: document TLS configuration
graphql: Make pages.sr.ht API link more useful

This makes it match the other API links, which go to specific pages.

Signed-off-by: Noelle Leigh <noelle_leigh@fastmail.com>
builds.sr.ht/compatibility: add FreeBSD 14
chat.sr.ht/ircops: document new IP subnets
builds.sr.ht: drop 9front support
builds.sr.ht/compatibility.md: update alpine details

Signed-off-by: Willow Barraco <contact@willowbarraco.fr>