git.sr.ht: update recommended nginx configuration

The previous version would match any URL ending in HEAD et al, which
would cause web breakage if your repo had any files named HEAD.
Billing FAQ: update development link
git.sr.ht: simplify explanation of push -o debug
git.sr.ht: simplify docs

It's not necessary to document the web UI in exhaustive detail.
git.sr.ht: document push options
git.sr.ht API: OAuth scope for file uploads
git.sr.ht API: document file artifacts
Improve git.sr.ht artifacts docs
Add docs for attaching binaries to tags
Update alpine repository information

Update the alpine version number, and add a note informing that the
community repository must be enabled.

Signed-off-by: Benjamin Lowry <ben@ben.gmbh>
builds/manifest: Make clear that tasks with dashes are supported
41332d4a — Marcin Cieślak 18 days ago
Fix broken link to the "SSH access to build VMs" page
builds installation: How to configure ssh access
installation: Mention both migrate steps
Clarify meaning of GPL/AGPL

Signed-off-by: Benjamin Lowry <ben@ben.gmbh>
Add note about limited list of GitHub repos
Drop ubuntu/disco; EoL'd upstream
license.md: make more consistent the layout of links
license.md: make consistent the layout of links
license.md: attribute GPL to the FSF

You can stop bothering me about this now