packages.md: fix formatting issue
Warn about upgrading too early
Note which services are community maintained
Update billing FAQ
builds.sr.ht: correct configuration error
Update nixos/latest to 21.05
How to update build images
lists.sr.ht: Remove most passive language and fix prepositions
4aae6758 — Simon Ruderich 24 days ago
builds.sr.ht: update OpenBSD versions
404f86cc — Ajay Raghavan 23 days ago
user's -> users', changed sentence structure
08862f35 — Ajay Raghavan 23 days ago
Grammatical changes

etc -> etc.
Visiblity -> Visibility
Some sentence structure changes
56ba0277 — Ajay Raghavan 23 days ago
Removed redundant "as well."
Pronounciation guide
8c9381aa — Ajay Raghavan 26 days ago
Compound verb "double-check"
c05c0d4c — Ajay Raghavan 26 days ago
Converted into restrictive clause (that vs which)

It seemed like a restrictive clause was being implicitly imp-
lied, so I changed "which" to "that."
ops: update IRC channel
git.sr.ht: remove incorrect install instructions
Update IRC network to Libera Chat
support.md: update IRC channel