todo.sr.ht: add GraphQL docs
Update builds.sr.ht database configuration
Fix link in HTML in Markdown
Fix incorrect redirect example.

Redirects are processed left-to-right so '2>&1 >/dev/null' means:

'2>&1' redirects stderr to the original stdout

'>/dev/null' redirects just stdout to /dev/null, leaving stderr going to
the original stdout

Reversing the order causes stdout to redirect to /dev/null and then
stderr to go to the same place as stdout (which is /dev/null).
Add docs about keeping build secrets secret
support: Add link to pages.sr.ht bug tracker
Add instructions for removing custom README
Skeleton out pages.sr.ht installation docs
Add pages.sr.ht details
Document OAuth option for build manifests
lists: api: Fix some errors
builds: document PATCHSET_URL and PATCHSET_ID
builds: remove hg.sr.ht environment

This is a possible confusion as git.sr.ht implements BUILD_SUBMITTER and
hg.sr.ht doesn't yet.
Document BUILD_SUBMITTER and BUILD_REASON environment variables in build.sr.ht documentation

Environment variables BUILD_SUBMITTER and BUILD_REASON that show information about integrations
are implemented, but not documented. This patch adds them to the list of environment variables and adds their values to the respective integration pages.

Made in response to https://lists.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss/<20210213233602.4dd7ae3113379f443fc0468e@mail.ru>
Clarify SSH key setup documentation for private repo setups.

Follow-up on https://lists.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss/%3C1205952567.133309.1601845746778%40office.mailbox.org%3E
Update Fedora versions specifiers

Fedora Rawhide is now Fedora 34, and the current supported (by Fedora)
releases are Fedora 33 and 32. 31 and 30 are unsupported.
Fix example command on how to setup a repository

This patch fixes an inconsistency on the tutorial that might confuse new

The explanation on how to setup a repository refers to changing the
string 'username' in the git remote command. The example command however
displays the username 'rvoid', apparantly the original author of the
Fix typo on installation page
git.sr.ht: correct jq command for custom readme
git.sr.ht: fix typo in readme query
Add explanation of what's going on in README command