Add link to package installation instructions

Besides being a bit more convenient, it also adds a little emphasis to
this specific bullet point :)
Add database setup to "hacking" instructions
ubuntu: kinetic starts development
Start documenting dev environment setup

Add some generic setup instructions. Now that most services follow a
fixed pattern, these should cover 90% of use-cases.
fedora: 36 released
Remove ubuntu/latest
ubuntu: jammy jellyfish released
Common support procedures
meta.sr.ht: fix page name for public key

The sr.ht public key is linked on the privacy page, not on the scurity
builds.sr.ht: mention hut, deprecate acurl

builds.sr.ht now sets up a hut configuration file.
packages.md: update Alpine version
hg.sr.ht: add graphql.md
Update repository ID instructions to new git.sr.ht schema
Add missing legacy notices to REST API documentation
Add missing links to GraphQL references
builds.sr.ht/compatibility.md: fix alpine versions
builds.sr.ht: update alpine compat
Update Alpine upstream release link
chat.sr.ht/bouncer-usage: add section about chat history

Describe how the chathistory extension can be used to fetch logs.
ae28f0ae — Felipe Cardoso Resende 3 months ago
Improve chat.sr.ht documentation

* Add information about chat.sr.ht UI
* Add information about SASL authentication