Improve Debian compatibility docs
TODO items for next privacy policy update
Update build compatibility matrix for Alpine 3.11
f42cb8a6 — Simon Ruderich a month ago use "compatibility page"

Alternating between "compatibility page" and "compatibility list"
suggests the links point to different resources
73834162 — Simon Ruderich a month ago document "arch"
Update F31, add F32 to image compatibility page document new environment variables
Link to build shell doc from builds index
Remove Fedora 29 from

End of life
Fix a typo in the build secrets tutorial: s/every/ever/
Remove obsolete warning from docs
Document OpenBSD 6.6
Fix a typo in's email doc
Suggest a better "flagtemplate" for hg email
Add GET /api/jobs to
Remove Ubuntu Xenial from compat list
minor edit to make example more explicit
Update nixos/latest to 19.09
340015a2 — Jason Swank 2 months ago
Fix typo in document paste:create OAuth scope