Update F31, add F32 to builds.sr.ht image compatibility page
builds.sr.ht: document new environment variables
Link to build shell doc from builds index
Remove Fedora 29 from compatibility.md

End of life
Fix a typo in the build secrets tutorial: s/every/ever/
Remove obsolete warning from git.sr.ht docs
Update builds.sr.ht/index.md
Document OpenBSD 6.6
Fix a typo in hg.sr.ht's email doc
Suggest a better "flagtemplate" for hg email
Add GET /api/jobs to builds.sr.ht/api.md
Remove Ubuntu Xenial from compat list
minor edit to make example more explicit
Update nixos/latest to 19.09
340015a2 — Jason Swank a month ago
Fix typo in document paste:create OAuth scope
d3fed96e — Jason Swank a month ago
add webhook info for deletion event
bcfdcbec — Jason Swank a month ago
Add doc for DELETE method
Update meta.sr.ht/index.md
Fix links to Alpine repository and signing key
git.sr.ht/installation.md: update for new shell