44d0dd12 — Moritz Buhl a day ago master
update possible OpenBSD 6.8 architectures

Source: https://www.openbsd.org/plat.html
sgi was retired with 6.7. power64 came with 6.8
Fix another broken tutorial link
Fix additional tutorial link
Correct additional links
Fix link at the end of the GitHub tutorial
Improve wording of main installation page

Removed typo. Added transition.
paste.sr.ht: Remove link to missing config page
license.md: add LGPL
ops/topology: de-provision cmpwn.com
Fix broken yaml highlighting
Fix broken "subscription-resource" links

Apologies for my mistaken previous patch -- this should be on the
correct service.

graphql.md: some minor clarifications
GraphQL: increment header level
Add initial GraphQL documentation
84b00d4c — Alexey Yerin a month ago
builds.sr.ht: document /api/jobs/:id/cancel

Signed-off-by: Alexey Yerin <yerinalexey98fd@gmail.com>
Add API configuration to installation docs
Add configuration links to all installation pages
Improve wording of introduction text
Ditch configuration_reference pages

These are superfluous
Revert "Principles"

Moved this to sourcehut.org instead, is a bit more subtle.

This reverts commit 621b3920f79392493153abb4c791f1c27a4b277b.