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You can also make edits in your web browser if you're logged into the
site. Click "edit page" near the top of each page to pull up the editor.
We can make a commit to the repository for you when you're done.

## Contribute to man.sr.ht

Until sr.ht mailing list services are built, please submit patches to
this wiki by mail to [sir@cmpwn.com](mailto:sir@cmpwn.com). Thanks!

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@@ 21,3 21,6 @@ which you are unsure of the appropriate tracker:
If you would like to participate in sr.ht's development, please email patches to
[sir@cmpwn.com](mailto:sir@cmpwn.com). Collaboration is done on IRC at [#cmpwn
on Freenode](http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=%23cmpwn&uio=d4).

Source code for sr.ht is available on [~sircmpwn's git.sr.ht