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- `status:open` or `status:closed`
- `label`: an optional label that is assigned to a ticket for organizational
- `order`: the order in which tickets are displayed. By default this is by
  time of last update
- `submitter`: the user who submitted the ticket. Use `me` to find tickets
  submitted by yourself
- `assigned`: tickets that are assigned to a particular user
- `no:assignee`: tickets not assigned to anyone
- `no:label`: tickets with no labels

Use the negation prefix `!` to inverse any filter. For example:

- `!assigned:me`: tickets which are not assigned to me
- `!no:label`: tickets which have at least one label applied

## Sorting tickets

By default, tickets are sorted by most recently updated. To change the sort
order, enter one of:

- `sort:created` - sort by creation time
- `sort:updated` - sort by last updated time
- `sort:comments` - sort by the number of comments

Sort direction is descending by default and can be reversed by using `rsort`
instead of `sort`:

- `sort:updated` - sort descending
- `rsort:updated` - sort ascending

It's possible to specify multiple sorting criteria:

- `sort:comments sort:created` - sort first by number of comments, then by
  creation time

# Tickets

Each ticket has its own page and number. On the ticket page, you can comment