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Common support procedures
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The intended audience for this part of the wiki is SourceHut staff.

- [Culture introduction and onboarding](/staff/culture.md)
- [Support procedures](/staff/support.md)

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title: Support procedures

How to handle various common support issues.

## Account deletion

Ask the user if they're willing to wait until self-service account deletion is
available. If not, delete their data manually from the database and other data
stores (e.g. git).

## Account renames

Clarify that it's prioritized for the beta but not available now, and suggest
that they register a new account, move their data over manually (using
import/export features et al), and ask for their billing info to be transferred
to the new account.

## Need 2FA disabled to reset account password

We need to establish their identity via two factors of authentication before we
can proceed with this. The first factor is usually the email address they
reached out to us with: it must match the address on file for their account.

If they have SSH or PGP keys, we can ask them to provide a cryptographically
signed challenge proving their identity and authenticating their request. If
they have a website, we can ask them to add a DNS TXT record with a randomly
generated value to verify their identity.

Without these options, they have no recourse but to register for a new account.
We can transfer billing information to the new account, or cancel their current
payment plan, without two-factor authentication.

## Cannot pay for service

Generally this ends with offering the user one year of free service and asking
them to email us again when it runs out if their situation has not changed.

Common reasons to grant free service:

- Insufficient income (e.g. students)
- Unable to pay using their preferred payment method
- Political problems (e.g. Russian sanctions)

Common reasons to reject requests for free service:

- They want free service because their FOSS project is FOSS

## Transfer billing information to new account

Verify both accounts, using two factors if necessary, then use the meta.sr.ht
admin UI to transfer the billing info over.


- Support mailing list which multiple staff have access to?