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dispatch: add new GITHUB_PR_BODY env

Signed-off-by: Paul Spooren <mail@aparcar.org>
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M dispatch.sr.ht/github.md
M dispatch.sr.ht/github.md => dispatch.sr.ht/github.md +1 -0
@@ 37,6 37,7 @@ The following environment variables are set when building pull requests:
- `GITHUB_EVENT`: the event type ("push") that triggered this build
- `GITHUB_PR_NUMBER`: the pull request number
- `GITHUB_PR_TITLE`: the title of the pull request
- `GITHUB_PR_BODY`: the body message (aka cover letter) of the pull request
- `GITHUB_BASE_REPO`: the full name (e.g. "username/repo_name") of the base repo
- `GITHUB_HEAD_REPO`: the full name (e.g. "username/repo_name") of the head repo (fork)