bf27cb9223d2892e2b0e0498e4361667ba73944d — Robin Krahl 10 months ago 1f82422
Link to todo.sr.ht GraphQL API docs

todo.sr.ht has a GraphQL API and a page describing it, but neither the
index page nor the api page linked to it.  This patch updates both pages
to link to the GraphQL documentation, as is already the case for
2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M index.html
M todo.sr.ht/api.md
M index.html => index.html +1 -1
@@ 121,7 121,7 @@ dt {
      <a href="/todo.sr.ht">User Manual</a>
      <a href="/todo.sr.ht/api.md">API Reference</a>
      <a href="/todo.sr.ht/graphql.md">API Reference</a>
  <div class="col-md-4">

M todo.sr.ht/api.md => todo.sr.ht/api.md +3 -0
@@ 2,6 2,9 @@
title: todo.sr.ht API reference

**NOTICE**: This is the documentation for the legacy REST API. It is being
replaced with the [GraphQL API](graphql.md).

The todo.sr.ht API allows you to browse, create, and manage repositories on
todo.sr.ht programmatically. This API follows the [standard sourcehut API