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@@ 7,7 7,7 @@ time for any reason via [sir@cmpwn.com](mailto:sir@cmpwn.com). I usually respond
within a few hours if I'm awake. I'm also generally available for chat on IRC:
join [#sr.ht on irc.freenode.net][irc]. Let me know if you have any questions.

[irc]: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=%23sr.ht&uio=d4
[irc]: https://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=%23sr.ht&uio=d4

## Why do I have to pay for sr.ht when GitHub, GitLab, etc are free?

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@@ 22,7 22,7 @@ packages:
  - libinput
  - xorg-server-xwayland
  - https://github.com/SirCmpwn/sway
  - https://github.com/swaywm/sway
  - setup: |
      cd sway

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@@ 50,20 50,20 @@ request is reviewed.
To edit your branch protection rules, start by visiting "Branches" in your
repository's settings.

![Screenshot of the "branches" page](https://sr.ht/465d.png)
![Screenshot of the "branches" page](https://legacy.sr.ht/465d.png)

Select "Add rule".

![Screenshot of "add rule"](https://sr.ht/rtPV.png)
![Screenshot of "add rule"](https://legacy.sr.ht/rtPV.png)

Specify the branches you want the rule to apply to (e.g. "master") and configure
the criteria which must be met for the pull request to be mergeable. For
example, to require the code to be reviewed before merge:

![Screenshot of code review settings](https://sr.ht/UeBt.png)
![Screenshot of code review settings](https://legacy.sr.ht/UeBt.png)

**Important**: if your account is an administrator on this GitHub repository,
attempts to merge will succeed *even if the branch protection rules are unmet*.
You must enable the "Include administrators" option to prevent this.

![Screenshot of "Include administrators" option](https://sr.ht/7VYq.png)
![Screenshot of "Include administrators" option](https://legacy.sr.ht/7VYq.png)

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@@ 145,7 145,7 @@ for migrations, for example `metasrht-initdb` to set up meta.sr.ht's database.

### Schema Upgrades

We use [alembic](http://alembic.zzzcomputing.com/en/latest/) to manage schema
We use [alembic](https://alembic.zzzcomputing.com/en/latest/) to manage schema
migrations. We use custom scripts to automatically retrieve database credentials
from your main sr.ht config file. If you have installed from distribution
packages, set `[service] migrate-on-upgrade=yes` (where service is e.g.