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Remove dispatch.sr.ht

Since dispatch.sr.ht is being deprecated on 2022-10-01[1], I've removed
it from the docs so it won't appear on man.sr.ht anymore. This patch can
be merged on the day dispatch.sr.ht is shut off.

P.S. dispatch.sr.ht is being shut off because of a conversation I had on
IRC many months ago.

[1]: https://sourcehut.org/blog/2022-08-01-dispatch-deprecation-plans/

This is the first git send-email I've done in a long time.
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title: dispatch.sr.ht Configuration

This document covers the configuration process for dispatch.sr.ht.

Each dispatch.sr.ht provider is optional, you may skip the integrations you do
not need.

# OAuth

## GitHub

To set up OAuth for GitHub:

1. Register under [GitHub OAuth Apps](https://github.com/settings/developers).
   For the `Authorization callback URL` use the URL of your service instance
   with `/github/callback` appended (e.g.,
2. Place the `Client ID` and `Client Secret` provided by GitHub into your
   `config.ini` in the `[dispatch.sr.ht::github]` section.

## GitLab

To set up OAuth for GitLab:

1. Register under [GitLab Applications](https://gitlab.com/-/profile/applications).
   For the scopes required, select "api". For the callback, specify the URL of
   your service with `/gitlab/callback/<gitlab instance>` appended (e.g.
2. Add the instance to your `config.ini` under `[dispatch.sr.ht::gitlab]` as a
   single option, whose key is the FQDN of the GitLab instance in question, and
   whose value is the instance name, "Application ID" and "Secret", separated
   by a colon. For example,

   # ...
   gitlab.com=GitLab:application id...:secret...
   gitlab.freedesktop.org=gitlab.freedesktop.org:application id...:secret...

   Repeat this process for any additional instances you wish to support.

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title: GitHub integration

dispatch.sr.ht supports various integrations with [GitHub](https://github.com).
Some tips are provided here.

# Configuration

When setting up a new GitHub task on dispatch.sr.ht, your GitHub repositories
will be shown for selection. This list only contains repositories for which
you are the owner. Repositories that are forks of another GitHub repo are
not available for dispatch.sr.ht tasks due to GitHub API limitations.

# Build environment

dispatch.sr.ht will check out the specific commit you pushed when submitting
builds, and will rewrite the upstream clone URL to the fork when building pull

## Configuring your sources list

Do not include `.git` at the end of your git clone URLs.

## Environment variables

The following environment variables are set when building commits:

- `GITHUB_DELIVERY`: the webhook delivery UUID that triggered this build
- `GITHUB_EVENT`: the event type ("push") that triggered this build
- `GITHUB_REF`: the ref (e.g. "refs/heads/master") that was updated
- `GITHUB_REPO`: the full name (e.g. "username/repo_name") of the GitHub repo

The following environment variables are set when building pull requests:

- `GITHUB_DELIVERY`: the webhook delivery UUID that triggered this build
- `GITHUB_EVENT`: the event type ("push") that triggered this build
- `GITHUB_PR_NUMBER`: the pull request number
- `GITHUB_PR_TITLE`: the title of the pull request
- `GITHUB_PR_BODY`: the body message (aka cover letter) of the pull request
- `GITHUB_BASE_REPO`: the full name (e.g. "username/repo_name") of the base repo
- `GITHUB_HEAD_REPO`: the full name (e.g. "username/repo_name") of the head repo (fork)

# Configuring branch protection rules on GitHub

If you choose the "auto-merge" setting, builds.sr.ht will attempt to merge the
pull request once the build completes successfully. You will likely want to add
branch protection rules on GitHub to prevent this from happening before the pull
request is reviewed.

To edit your branch protection rules, start by visiting "Branches" in your
repository's settings.

![Screenshot of the "branches" page](https://legacy.sr.ht/465d.png)

Select "Add rule".

![Screenshot of "add rule"](https://legacy.sr.ht/rtPV.png)

Specify the branches you want the rule to apply to (e.g. "master") and configure
the criteria which must be met for the pull request to be mergeable. For
example, to require the code to be reviewed before merge:

![Screenshot of code review settings](https://legacy.sr.ht/UeBt.png)

**Important**: if your account is an administrator on this GitHub repository,
attempts to merge will succeed *even if the branch protection rules are unmet*.
You must enable the "Include administrators" option to prevent this.

![Screenshot of "Include administrators" option](https://legacy.sr.ht/7VYq.png)

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title: dispatch.sr.ht docs

[dispatch.sr.ht](https://dispatch.sr.ht) is a sr.ht service which is used to
connect resources on sourcehut with resources hosted on third-party services.

# Dashboard

On the dashboard we see a searchable list of your configured tasks. Clicking
each task will take you to a settings page. On the left is the "Configure new
task" button, used for that purpose.

# Configuring new tasks

The list of available tasks is shown on the [task configuration
page](https://dispatch.sr.ht/configure). Select a task to configure it, and you
will be taken to a task-specific configuration page. Documentation for each task
is available on these pages.

# Integration-specific documentation

- [GitHub](github.md)

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title: dispatch.sr.ht Installation

This document covers the installation steps for dispatch.sr.ht, an event-driven
task automation service.

# Installation

dispatch.sr.ht can be installed with the [standard package
installation process](/installation.md#installing-from-packages).

## Daemons

- `dispatch.sr.ht` — The web service.

## Configuration

See [Configuration](configuration.md).

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  <div class="col-md-4">
      <strong>dispatch.sr.ht</strong>*: 3rd-party integrations
      <a href="/dispatch.sr.ht">User Manual</a>
* These services are maintained by sourcehut community members, on