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  "push": "uuid assigned to this push event",
  "push-options": { map of push options },
  "pusher": { user resource },
  "refs": [

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- Push options (specified via `git push -o <option>`) are interpreted as
  `key=value`, and the map is populated as such. For example, `git push -o
  foo=bar` would result in `{"foo": "bar"}`. Options specified without a value -
  e.g. `-o foo` - will have their value set to an empty string.

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The information displayed on your profile page is sourced from your [meta.sr.ht

## Push Options

git.sr.ht supports some git push options, which can be specified with `-o
option` or `-o option=value`.

- **debug**: prints the UUID assigned to your git push. You may be asked to
  provide this when troubleshooting push issues for your account.
- **skip-ci**: skips submitting builds.sr.ht jobs for this push.

All of your push options, including ones not recognized by git.sr.ht itself, are
forwarded to any webhooks you have configured for your repository.

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title: Terms of Service
# - Explicitly prohibit the use of our services for cryptocurrency mining

These are the terms of service for sr.ht; please read them before using sr.ht.