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## How much money does sr.ht have/spend/make?

We're still currently in the first fiscal quarter of sr.ht's lifetime of
accepting payments. However, I intend to publish quarterly financial reports to
keep you informed on the health of the service. The short of it is that sr.ht
has a positive cashflow, but not enough to support a full-time employee - so I'm
still only working on it in my spare time.

Right now it costs about $450/month to host sr.ht and we can grow 40-50x before
requiring more infrastructure. The hardware was provisioned speculatively, to
enable the onboarding of large projects early in the project to ensure that
sr.ht is suitable for their needs.

sr.ht is self-hosted in a secure colocation facility in Philadelphia, with
backup facilities in San Francisco. Your data is never stored in a third-party
We publish quarterly financial ports on the sr.ht-discuss mailing list - you can
read them here:


## Can I deploy sr.ht on my own infrastructure instead of paying for an account?