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Recommend the REUSE v3 mechanism
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@@ 342,6 342,17 @@ If your project has more than one license, your license file should explain what
licenses apply to what parts of the code in plain English, and include the text
of all applicable licenses.

For cases like this, the git.sr.ht web UI supports
version 3.0 of the [REUSE Specfication](https://reuse.software/spec/):

If you include your licences as files matching the pattern
`LICENSES/$SPDX.$suffix`, where `$SPDX` is the
[SPDX identifier](https://spdx.org/licenses/) for the licence
and `$suffix` is any string without a dot,
the licences will be enumerated in the repo summary
and `/licenses` pages, alongside a short description and links
to their corresponding entries on SPDX.org.

## Setting a custom README

By default, if found, a `README` plaintext or `README.md` markdown file