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Add text on how to specify a key in set-up-account-and-git.md

If you already have multiple keys and don't want to use the default "id_rsa" name,
specify a mapping between an identity (a private key) and a remote host
in your .ssh/config.
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@@ 29,6 29,16 @@ public key is stored at `~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub`. Copy the contents of this file to
your clipboard and paste it into the text field. Click "Add key" and your key
will now be valid for pushing to git repositories.

### Specifying a Key

If you already use multiple SSH keys, remember to specify which key to use 
with `sr.ht` services. Edit `~/.ssh/config` and add an appropriate `Host` entry
that gives the path to the private key you wish to use:

    Host *sr.ht
      IdentityFile ~/.ssh/srht.id_rsa
      PreferredAuthentications publickey

## Creating a git repository

If you already have a git repository you want to push to git.sr.ht, you can skip