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@@ 51,7 51,7 @@ When filling in the `config.ini` file, remember the following:
* If you do not have SSL enabled for Postgres, be sure to add `?sslmode=disable`
  to the end of your Postgres URL.

Then, for each `SERVICE`:
Then, for each `SERVICE` (e.g. `meta.sr.ht`):

* `export SRHT_PATH=/path/to/core.sr.ht/srht`
* `export PYTHONPATH=/path/to/core.sr.ht:/path/to/$SERVICE`

@@ 70,7 70,7 @@ For each service *except* meta.sr.ht:

For each `SERVICE`:

* `createdb $SERVICE`
* `createdb $SERVICE` (e.g. `createdb meta.sr.ht`)
* `psql -d $SERVICE -f schema.sql` (e.g. `psql -d meta.sr.ht -f schema.sql`)

To run a service: