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@@ 126,6 126,20 @@ Yes. The exact numbers have not been decided upon. There will be a generous
period of consultation with the community and advance warning before any pricing
changes take effect.

# I represent an organization and want to pay as a group.

The software implementation for user groups or organizations is prioritized for
the beta. In the meanwhile, utilize any workaround you wish: nominate one of
your members to host your resources on their account, or set up a dedicated
psuedo-account for the organization, or any other approach that suits your
needs. We will help you migrate to user groups once the feature is available.
[Shoot us an email](mailto:sir@cmpwn.com) to let us know about your workaround
and we'll make a note on your account.

Billing considerations for organizations will be available when the beta begins,
but we don't know what they'll look like yet. The final discussion is deferred
pending the final software design.

# Can I get an invoice?

You can download invoices from the [billing page](https://meta.sr.ht/billing).