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@@ 44,3 44,21 @@ upstream. You can collaborate with others on your wiki the same way you
  do on your git.sr.ht projects - a mailing list on lists.sr.ht or
  any other approach that you like.
+ ## Settings
+ Click "manage your wiki" (you will need to be logged in and viewing the wiki you
+ want to manage) to access wiki settings.
+ ### Visiblity
+ Visibility of the wiki is managed separately to the backing git repo. This
+ allows you to create private repos with publically accessible wikis. Wikis that
+ are public and unlisted can be viewed by any user regardless of if they are
+ logged in. Wikis that are private can only be viewed by the owner.
+ ### Delete
+ You can delete your repository from this page. This operation cannot be undone.
+ You may optionally delete the backing repo, but be aware that that too cannot be
+ undone.