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@@ 44,3 44,21 @@ Publishing your changes is as easy as committing them and pushing them
upstream. You can collaborate with others on your wiki the same way you
do on your git.sr.ht projects - a mailing list on lists.sr.ht or
any other approach that you like.

## Settings

Click "manage your wiki" (you will need to be logged in and viewing the wiki you
want to manage) to access wiki settings.

### Visiblity

Visibility of the wiki is managed separately to the backing git repo. This
allows you to create private repos with publically accessible wikis. Wikis that
are public and unlisted can be viewed by any user regardless of if they are
logged in. Wikis that are private can only be viewed by the owner.

### Delete

You can delete your repository from this page. This operation cannot be undone.
You may optionally delete the backing repo, but be aware that that too cannot be