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Private repositories are only visible to you and other logged-in users who you
explicitly [grant access to](#access).

## Attaching files to releases

git.sr.ht allows you to attach files, such as executables (aka binaries), PGP
signatures, and so on, to *annotated tags*. To create an annotated tag, run the
following git command:

git tag -a <tag name>

For example, `git tag -a 2.3.4` to tag version 2.3.4. Your text editor will
open, and you'll be prompted to *annotate* the tag - fill this in with release
notes, a changelog, etc. Consider using
[`git-shortlog`](https://git-scm.com/docs/git-shortlog) to generate your

Save and close your editor, then use `git push --tags` to publish the new tag
(or, use `git push --follow-tags` to push any local commits to the current
branch, along with the new tag. This can be made the default by running `git
config --global push.followTags true`).

The new tag will appear on the "refs" page of your repository. To attach files
to it, click the tag name (e.g. "2.3.4") and use the upload form on this page.

## Source code annotations

You can generate annotations for your source code to display on git.sr.ht. For