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@@ 37,23 37,28 @@ reconfigure it as a [hot standby][hot standby] (which will accept queries).
   replication. It must have the REPLICATION and LOGIN privileges and
   [pg_hba.conf][hba changes] must be updated.
1. Take a [base backup][base backup] of the primary and ship it to the
   secondary. Be advised: we have full_page_writes disabled as a ZFS
   secondary. Be advised: we have `full_page_writes` disabled as a ZFS
   optimization; this may cause performance degredation during the basebackup
   process. `pg_basebackup -PzFt -D basebackup`. Place 'basedirectory' in
1. Nuke the postgres data directory's contents on the secondary, su to postgres,
   then run these commands: `tar -C ~/12/data -xf ~/basebackup/base.tar.gz`,
   `tar -C ~/12/data/pg_wal -xf ~/basebackup/pg_wal.tar.gz`,
   `touch ~/12/data/standby.signal`
1. Fill out `primary_conninfo` on the secondary with the connection details for
   the account created for replication.
   the account created for replication. `host=... port=5432 user=...  password=...`
1. Configure a replication slot on the primary for the secondary:
        SELECT * FROM pg_create_physical_replication_slot('konpaku');

    Then set `primary_slot_name` to `konpaku` on the secondary.
1. Set `hot_standby` to true on the secondary.
1. [Restore the base backup][restore base backup] on the secondary. It will
   automatically sync with the primary when complete; monitor the logs. TODO:
   What should our `restore_command` be? Want to figure it out in advance.
1. Set `hot_standby` to "on" on the secondary.
1. Start the database, monitor logs for restore completion.
1. Sanity check the secondary database.
1. Roll back the `restore_command` change so that we aren't surprised by it
   later. Drop the base backup files as well.

Note: some of this procedure is adapted from the
[restore the base backup][restore base backup] docs, but modified cause those
docs are shit.

[warm standby]: https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/warm-standby.html
[hot standby]: https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/hot-standby.html