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@@ 66,8 66,11 @@ option` or `-o option=value`.
- **debug**: prints the UUID assigned to your git push. You may be asked to
  provide this when troubleshooting push issues.
- **skip-ci**: skips submitting builds.sr.ht jobs for this push.
- **description**: set the repository's description
- **visibility**: set the repository's visibility (`public`, `unlisted`, or `private`)
- **submit**: overrides the default comma-separated
  pattern for build manifests to submit (`.build.yml,.builds/*.yml`).
- **description**: set the repository's description.
- **visibility**: set the repository's visibility (`public`, `unlisted`, or `private`).

All of your push options, including ones not recognized by git.sr.ht itself, are
forwarded to any webhooks you have configured for your repository.