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# How much money does sr.ht have/spend/make?

At the time of writing, sr.ht is losing money and is subsidized by donations to
my open-source projects as a whole, for which some financial information is
[publically viewable](https://drewdevault.com/donate). As money starts flowing
through sr.ht directly, I intend to publish quarterly reports summarizing the
financial state of sr.ht.
We're still currently in the first fiscal quarter of sr.ht's lifetime of
accepting payments. However, I intend to publish quarterly financial reports to
keep you informed on the health of the service. The short of it is that sr.ht
has a positive cashflow, but not enough to support a full-time employee - so I'm
still only working on it in my spare time.

Right now it costs about $450/month to host sr.ht and we can grow 40-50x before
requiring more infrastructure. The hardware was provisioned speculatively, to