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**OAuth scope**: `patches:read`

### PUT /api/user/:username/lists/:list-name/patchsets/:id/tools

Sets the status of a "tool" which is processing this patch, used for example to
indicate the status of continous integration for a change.

**Request body**

  "icon": "icon status enum",
  "details": "user-friendly details, markdown",
  "key": "arbitrary string"

"icon" shall be one of the following strings:

- pending: the task is scheduled
- waiting: the task is running and we are awaiting its status
- success: the task completed successfully
- failed: the task failed
- cancelled: the task was cancelled

"details" supports a subset of Markdown, including only bold and italic styles,
inline code, and links. It must be no more than one line of text.

"key" is an arbitrary string used to uniquely identify this tool. You may update
the status of your tool later by providing the same key in a new PUT request.

**OAuth scope**: `patches:write`

### GET /api/user/:username/lists/:list-name/patchsets/:id/patches

List of [email resources](#email-resource) making up the set of patches included