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@@ 43,6 43,8 @@ Inserts a new job into the job queue.
                                      (optional - defaults to true)

See also: [Build triggers](triggers.md)

## GET /api/jobs/:id

Gets information about a job by its ID.

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*list* (of *trigger*)

A list of triggers to execute post-build, which can be used to send emails
or do other post-build tasks. This uses the same structure as triggers in
[the API](/builds.sr.ht/api.md#post-apijobs), but as YAML rather than JSON.
or do other post-build tasks.

See also: [Build triggers](triggers.md)

## environment

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At the end of a job or a job group, you can execute triggers based on the
outcome of the job. The basic format is (in YAML or JSON):

        "action": "trigger type",
        "condition": "when to execute this trigger",
        [...action-specific configuration...]

Condition may be one of the following:

- **always**: execute the trigger after every build
- **failure**: execute the trigger after a failed build
- **success**: execute the trigger after a successful build

The following actions are available:

## webhook

Submits the job status (as it would be returned by GET /api/jobs/:id) as a POST
request to a specified URL.


- **url**: The URL to submit the HTTP request to