sr.ht-apkbuilds/sr.ht/py3-srht/APKBUILD -rw-r--r-- 1.2 KiB
py3-srht: upgrade to 0.63.5
py3-srht: add mistletoe to dependencies
py3-srht: add py3-psycopg2 dependency

We're all in on PostgreSQL now.
py3-srht: add py3-prometheus-client dependency
py3-srht: add html5lib dependency
Add py3-redis to py3-srht dependencies
sr.ht/py3-srht: upgrade to 0.57.2
py3-srht: drop py3-flask-login dependency
py3-srht: it's actually called py3-soupsieve
Add py3-soupselect to py3-srht dependencies
py3-srht, py3-scmsrht: update checksums
Update py3-srht & py3-scmsrht
meta.sr.ht: normalize init scripts
Add py3-cryptography to py3-srht deps
Add py3-celery to py3-srht APKBUILD
Fixup pkgbase in more places in py3-srht
Update py3-srht pkgbase
Update py3-srht archive URL
Add py3-scmsrht package, update py3-srht
Update man.sr.ht.post-upgrade

Also moves alembic dependency to py3-srht