meta.sr.ht: add py3-dnspython dependency
go-msgauth: update to 0.6.2
go-msgauth: add dkim_host to conf.d
go-msgauth: fix error in init.d script
go-msgauth: new aport
sr.ht-nginx: bump

fuuuuuck you
py3-kombu: 5.0.2

And fuck GitHub too for not notifying me about these releases
py3-vine: upgrade to 5.0.0

Fucking celery god dammit fuck
Add setuptools to py3-click-didyoumean
py3-celery: add click-didyoumean

Fucking piece of shit awful goddamn library written by fucking

Fuck you celery I fucking hate you
py3-celery: add py3-click-repl dependency
py3-click-repl: new aport
py3-aiosmtpd: upgrade to 1.2.2, patch LHLO
py3-weasyprint: upgrade to 52.1
py3-celery: upgrade to 5.0.2
sr.ht-nginx: update
py3-weasyprint: upgrade to v52
Import some package bumps from aports
py3-pyphen: upgrade to 0.10.0