py3-humanize: upgrade to 3.8.0
py3-humanize: upgrade to 3.7.1
py3-stripe: upgrade to 2.58.0
py3-humanize: upgrade to 3.7.0
py3-humanize: upgrade to 3.6.0
py3-celery: upgrade to 5.1.0
py3-kombu: upgrade to 5.1.0
py3-stripe: upgrade to 2.57.0
py3-asyncpg: upgrade to 0.23.0
py3-gitlab: add py3-requests-toolbelt dependency
py3-gitlab: upgrade to 2.7.1
py3-gitlab: bump pkgrel
py3-gitlab: re-introduce package

This package was removed for being "upstream" in Alpine, but it does not
actually appear to be.
todo.sr.ht: remove pystache dependency
meta.sr.ht: upgrade to latest version
builds.sr.ht: correct binary name
builds.sr.ht: cd builddir?
builds.sr.ht: fix use of $subpkgdir
builds.sr.ht: add -api
py3-humanize: upgrade to 3.5.0