Add new git.sr.ht quote
Remove quote from the website per request
What's cooking?
Mention gemini support in pages announcement
Mention srht.site on the home page
Clarify technical constraints on pages
sr.ht pages announcement
Fix mumble date
What's cooking?
Add more consistent padding throughout

 - Mainly 2rem vertcial padding between front-page elements
 - Match blog header width to content and make it consistent across
Bold and darken service headers

Old index: https://fluix.dev/srht/main-old.png
New index: https://fluix.dev/srht/main.png
Old blog: https://fluix.dev/srht/blog-old.png
New blog: https://fluix.dev/srht/blog.png
What's cooking?
Minor edit to improve flow from previous change
Improve wording of statement
Regarding ethics
What's cooking?
0f876233 — Kévin Le Gouguec 4 months ago
Fix typo
Update index page