Remove non-functional registration form

Might redesign something better later on.
What's cooking?
Updates for the alpha details page
Fuck off Andrew Lee
Moving to libera.chat
What's cooking?
Gotta go fast
Bug trackers are for tracking bugs
Update pricing.html
Add video to "what's cooking"
Fix typo (thanks muirrum)
What's cooking? April 2021
Remove flex properties on body and main

A pre-installed default browser on android didn't display this properly:
The footer would not be at the bottom, but float over the main content
near the top.

Since the <body> always contains a <div>, then a <main>, then a
<footer>, the normal flow already layouts them as desired.
Add new git.sr.ht quote
Remove quote from the website per request
What's cooking?
Mention gemini support in pages announcement
Mention srht.site on the home page
Clarify technical constraints on pages