Mention gemini support in pages announcement
Mention srht.site on the home page
Clarify technical constraints on pages
sr.ht pages announcement
Fix mumble date
What's cooking?
Add more consistent padding throughout

 - Mainly 2rem vertcial padding between front-page elements
 - Match blog header width to content and make it consistent across
Bold and darken service headers

Old index: https://fluix.dev/srht/main-old.png
New index: https://fluix.dev/srht/main.png
Old blog: https://fluix.dev/srht/blog-old.png
New blog: https://fluix.dev/srht/blog.png
What's cooking?
Correct typo
Minor edit to improve flow from previous change
Improve wording of statement
Regarding ethics
What's cooking?
0f876233 — K√©vin Le Gouguec 2 months ago
Fix typo
Update index page
Update consultancy
Revise footer principles

We decided the last bit was too vague and open to interpretation
Update index.html